To provide background information and classroom materials related to
teaching about religion in public schools in support of pluralism,
acknowleding that public schools are for students of all worldviews, whether
religious or nonreligious, and that public school teachers, as professionals,
need to exercise a scrupulous neutrality regarding religion.
Teaching About Religion
This website is designed to serve professional educators (teachers,
administrators, college professors, and curriculum developers) especially in
the areas of teaching about religion in history, social studies, and religious
studies. The emphasis is on planning and conducting instruction within U.S.
public schools, but site content may also interest others in private schools or
home schooling.

The site offers educational information in the form of a worldview sampler,
background information on a broad range of critical concepts (e.g. religious
liberty, teaching about religion and the nonreligious worldview, civic
responsibilities), links to teaching materials such as free lesson plans,
position statements, historical information and source material, and
resources of additional interest to public school educators, especially in the
areas of social science and history.
in support of civic pluralism
Contemporary Issue
Many resources are available for understanding the controversy over the
social movement to include “Intelligent Design” in public school science
classes. To many, the controversy appears to involve two competing
science concepts. Or worse, two competing belief systems. That is not the
situation, however. So, what is it?