1 Muller v. Jefferson Lighthouse School, 98 F.3d 1530 (7th Cir. 1996)
Teaching About Religion
in support of civic pluralism
To allow students to distribute
religious or freethought literature
to their schoolmates on the same
terms as they are permitted to
distribute other literature that is
unrelated to school curriculum or
activities. [USDE]

To impose the same reasonable
time, place, and manner or other
constitutional restrictions on
distribution of religious or
freethought literature as on
non-school literature generally.

To limit student religious
expression if it substantially
interferes with or disrupts the
school's activities or if it involves
coercive proselytizing. [ADL-with
court citation 1]

To be uninvolved either in
observing or assessing children's
conformity to their religious
To prevent students (at recess or
before or after school or during
times free of curricular activity)
from discussing their faith with
others so as long as they are not
infringing on rights of others by
doing so. [FCG]

To single out religious literature for
special regulation. [USDE]

To prohibit students from praying,
reading their scriptures as long as
they are not disrupting or infringing
on rights of others. [FCG]

To monitor a child's compliance
with a particular religious
requirement of a religion or family.
Enforcing religious obligations
such as prayer, dietary
restrictions, or wearing a head
covering is the responsibility of
parents, not teachers.